30 Day Ab & Arm Challenge – Day 7

DONE! I was rather quiet this weekend because we were so busy, but I have been keeping up on my challenge! Today was day seven, and the stinkin’ line-up added something new. Holy COW I can feel the burn. Yowza! But it makes me so happy when I’ve completed each day. Yay me! I also can’t wait until the day it gets easier. My poor legs…

I did manage to go for a long walk with my kids. I live in a small town, and they had a block party fundraiser for the 4th of July party we have. The kids and I walked down to the party. On the way, I showed my son the fun of playing with perspective in phototography:

And then I wound up walking back home by myself to get the car because we got so much stuff. But I managed to look fabulous the whole time:

We had a blast! And even managed to get in some snuggles:

I got in another walk on Sunday while my daughter and I were waiting for our clothes to dry at the laundromat:

 So, quite the active weekend! Hope you had a good one, too!

Date Night!

Last night, my husband and I had an opportunity to enjoy a date night! And enjoy it we did. The night began outrageously hot:

Once we got settled at the restaurant, we wound up happily drinking two big glasses of ice water each just so we would feel human again.

Then, we ordered. Sushi! Oh, how I love sushi.

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