Flowery Dreams

Since nothing has really changed since yesterday (still ate grits for breakfast…still ate salad for lunch…still drinking my water), I thought I’d go into a bit of a dream for when I reach my goal.

I am (essentially) half Czech and half Irish. I grew up with a very Czech older woman who was my babysitter and 2nd mother. I am very proud of my Czech heritage, and I’m drawn to the wooden plates that hang in the local Czech restaurant. Many of the plates feature flowers done in a very Czech style. My dream is to one day get an upper arm tattoo done in the style of these flowers with five large flowers predominantly displayed (because I have four kids and a husband, and also because 5 is my lucky, OCD number).

Before any of this happens, though, I would like my arm to be a straight line when it’s at my side, rather than an arm with a lump of fat at the elbow.