Two Cents Tuesday – Hydration Edition

Today is the first day in my new blog series that will happen every Tuesday. That’s a good day to do it since it’s called “Two Cents Tuesday”! Oh, I’m so funny, right? Do you have a topic or question you’d like me to research? Want to know what bounces around in my noggin? You can email me at and I’d be happy to help!


I decided to do this because I have found that the best way to help myself is to help others. This blog has kept me more motivated than I can tell you in words. But I’ll keep trying to explain it because otherwise, why keep blogging?

Anyway, I work best at helping myself when I’m helping others. I love learning about new things so I can spread the knowledge around. I especially love cooking when I know I’ll be able to share my recipes with other people. One of my friends has recently found herself on a new path in life, and she’s decided she wants to learn to cook a wider variety of foods, so I created a board just for her on my Pinterest page so we can experiment together!

As I was explaining this facet of myself to my absolute best friend in the whole wide world, she came up with the idea for Two Cents Tuesdays. Because she did, she gets to ask the first question:

“I am near-critically dehydrated at all times, and I resist changing that pattern because frankly, I hate peeing. And sweating. And salivating. How can I get the benefits of hydration without the inconvenience?”

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Motivation Friday – ALL THE THINGS IN ONE POST!

I am getting closer and closer to the busiest three weeks of my entire year at work. In the chaos and stress, I hold tight to Weight Watchers, knowing that no matter what, I can control what I put in my face. It’s actually quite comforting. That and the Zoloft works wonders!

I made an amazing meal this week that I have to share. It’s going to be like food porn, so beware. Spinach and cream cheese stuffed chicken breasts with a bit of Panko and Parmesan on top served with spinach couscous and roasted Brussells sprouts.  It was so good that I’m going to show you the whole meal, and then cover each part on its own:


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