Hey! I found my motivation again – on Pinterest!

As everyone following this blog has figured out by now, I have really been struggling for the past month or so. What with illness and anxiety and life in general getting in the way of things, I have noticed that my dedication to losing weight has wavered. I have really been trying so hard to keep holding on. I refused to let go of the lifeline. I was determined not to give up. I knew that if I just held on and did little things in the right direction, I would find that wave again and be able to ride it. I knew it would happen. I kept the faith.

Today, I feel renewed, and I am totally going to run with it. Maybe this is the wave I’ve been waiting for. I am on my surfboard and ready to go!

There is something about autumn that seems to rejuvenate me in ways that other seasons do not. I feel cleansed and happy. I get to wear my scarves again, and my cardigans. I can throw on a jacket and life somehow just feels better.

It also helps that I am madly in love with autumnal vegetables. I have already baked a few acorn squashes and plan to expand on that. I want to experiment with veggies I haven’t yet tried. I want to learn new ways to cook old favorites. And I WILL be making a squash soup in the near future.

If you’re not already following me on Pinterest, now would be the time to start. And if you have a favorite fall recipe, please share! I’ll be doing some cooking in the near future. YAY MOTIVATION!


Recipe Monday – Delish Casserole Edition!

My family LOVES tamales. In fact, it’s ridiculous how much my 7 year old son loves tamales. So when I saw that I had a bunch of shredded chicken that needed to get used up, I knew this recipe would be a hit. And it was!

Chicken Tamale Casserole


This dish was DELICIOUS, and after putting the recipe into my handy Weight Watchers app, it turned out to be 10 points per serving. I didn’t see anywhere in the recipe where it said how many servings it made, but I figured it to be about 8. It could have easily been made in a smaller casserole dish and made thicker, but the servings would have been more points, and I really just liked that it wasn’t super thick and bready. Lots of chicken. Lots of flavor. And I’m going to eat leftovers tonight!

Also, I seriously need to get my hands on more of these things pictured below. I bought a small bag at the tea shoppe the other night to try them and WOW I am hooked!


Veggie chips! I want more! The whole bag was 1 point. Must! Have! More!

Oh, and hey…Follow me on Pinterest to see all of the recipes I’ve made or want to try. I’ve also started collecting potential workouts to incorporate into my regime.