30 Day Challenge: Day One


Let me start this post by admitting something. I am SO glad that I publicly announced this challenge earlier today. And I am VERY glad that people commented on that post! Thank you!

Something I have always struggled with, and likely one of the main reasons I am as overweight as I am, is that I make these grand plans and I have all of these goals, and then I don’t tell anyone about them so it’s very easy to just put them off for another day.

I really wanted to do that today.

I came home to utter kid chaos. No one was getting along. I was really tired because my knee kept me up a lot last night aching. I wanted nothing more than to “just start tomorrow”.

But I couldn’t! Because I told you!

My daughter and I painted our nails this evening because she’s that kind of little girl. She has to keep up on her polish. Her toes must sparkle at all times, I tell you! How could she possibly be seen at preschool with worn nail polish!? Yes. I can’t wait until she’s a teenager.

I have recently started wearing lipstick. It started because of a friend of mine hitting a hard patch who also decided to start wearing lipstick. It’s kind of a way to force yourself into the mindset of being fabulous, no matter what you’re doing, you know?

My daughter has completely embraced this trend of mine. I even bought her her own pale pink lipstick to wear. So, after we were done with our nails, she insisted we put on lipstick and she handed me my bright red tube.

And that’s how I came to do my first day of the challenge wearing red lipstick. Continue reading “30 Day Challenge: Day One”

I Want to Scream with Joy! AAAAAAA!

I spent today cleaning my room and going through clothes, prepping for the installation of a closet-type doo-hickey.

I found a few pieces of clothing that were too small before. One was a really nifty skirt I found at Goodwill and it never fit.


And then I came across a dress I’ve had for AGES, just waiting for me to lose enough weight someday for it to fit again.



I honestly was just putting it on so I could gauge how much further I needed to go before it would fit. And then I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when it zipped up!

Okay. Back to laundry. I just had to share.