And Here. We. Go. Again!

A lot of things have happened in the past week that got me to this point.

That was hoaky. Everything that happens gets you to the next point, right?

What I’m saying is that this is a very special moment in history. I have a weight-loss cycle. It’s something I could set my clock by. And I’ve broken this cycle for the first time EVER. So let’s just rehash what has been happening in my life to get me here.

Normally, I get all gung-ho about losing weight. I change my eating habits and I lose weight and all is great. And then something happens in my life that causes me to break my stride and I fall off the wagon and I muddle around in the mud until I’ve gained everything back. I lose all desire to better myself. I downright wallow in how horrible I am for having come so far and then failing again.

So…that’s where I’ve been. Wallowing in the mud.

But a few things have happened that have pulled me out of that gunk and placed me squarely back on solid ground. Continue reading “And Here. We. Go. Again!”

Motivation Friday and Day Four COMPLETED

First, let’s get this out of the way.  I have completed day four of my 30 Day Challenges that can be found at my As Pounds Go Bye Pinterest Board. It’s definitely getting more difficult even though it’s really only increasing by one on each movement each day. My arms, they are a’burnin’. Yay!


Now…on to my Motivation Friday post!

Today, I’m going to talk about a website I found a while ago called and just revisited it. You put in your stats like height and body shape and bust size, then you put in your current weight and your goal weight, and it will show you what the difference will look like. I took it a step further and put in my start weight, then my current weight and my goal weight. Like so: Continue reading “Motivation Friday and Day Four COMPLETED”

This Will Probably Be Quite Ramble-filled and Scattered

Today is the last day I have to come in early.

That is such a glorious thing that I’m going to say it one more time.


Brief overview for anyone who hasn’t been following along: I work at the bookstore for a small-ish community college in Iowa. I wear a lot of different hats at work, but for the sake of brevity we’ll just say that I order and design all logo’d merchandise, oversee store operations and marketing and do all of the online stuff. I just survived my 7th fall rush and MAN that was busy.

During the few weeks a year when we’re working 11+ hours per day with no time for a lunch break, my boss orders in food for lunch and when you have five minutes, you shove that food into your face hole and you feel very appreciative. So, needless to say, I didn’t track my food very well during this time. I did try and remain aware of what I was eating, though. I tried my hardest to remain present. Yes, I’m a hippie. Kind of.

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Motivation: Achieved

Today, it was chilly enough that I needed a jacket. So I grabbed my black fleece with the awesome lapel pocket and went on my way. Last year, it was too tight around my middle for me to properly zip it up. It I wanted it zipped, it sat strangely and tightly around my waist, rather than over my hips like it’s supposed to. The rest of the jacket is large and the sleeves are blissfully long…it was just my damn hips that were a problem.

This morning? It zipped right up like a champ.

I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t been able to tell a change in how my clothes have been fitting. I know that in MY grand scheme of things, 20 pounds isn’t really a whole lot, but dammit! I wanted something to feel loose.

And, just when I really needed it, I got it!


Wednesday Weigh-In – SECOND BEAD!


Huzzah! I have reached second-bead status! For those who don’t know, I made myself a weight-loss bracelet. Because I have (had!) 130 pounds to lose and that made my skin go icy just thinking about it. So I decided to break it down into more bite-sized pieces (pun SO intended). Each time I lose 10 pounds, I get another bead on my bracelet. And each time I get a bead, I go to the store to buy it all special-like. I now have 2 beads:


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I Haven’t Forgotten About You, Blog!


I have been so busy, I’ve put off blogging! And I don’t like it! I even missed a two Weigh-In Wednesday posts, but I didn’t miss my actual weigh-in. The first one, I gained a few. The second one (two days ago), I lost those and a few more. I figured out that I actually wasn’t eating enough. Yes, you read that right. The week that I gained, I had a few days where I still had 15+ points left over. The next week, I made sure to get them all taken care of. Plus, that second week I got hit by the most horrible summer cold I’ve had in years. I was down for three days, unable to do more than shove Kleenex up my nose, cower on the couch, and binge-watch “Supernatural”. I’m feeling better, thank goodness, and I’m ready to keep moving forward!

I am also now less than 2 pounds away from getting my next Weight Loss Bracelet bead! And I don’t have one yet! I need to take care of that.

There are a lot of things going on right now. Work is crazy. My life is nuts. Changes could be on the horizon.

And I’m out of grits.

Another thing to add to the to-do list.

I’ll hopefully write more this weekend. I’m planning to set up a posting schedule. Mondays will be to cover my favorite recipe/food item that I’ve tried in the past week. Wednesdays will be for weigh-in and a synopsis of how my week went. Fridays will be for things I’m looking forward to when I lose weight. Since it’s Friday, I’ll leave you with this. I want to wear this outfit. This is the look I want. Girly, flouncy and feminine, but with combat boots.


I have more motivational things and recipes pinned on my Pinterest page.  You can find that here:

My Pinterest Page

Weigh-in Wednesday…Drumroll Please!

11655178_10153515237843203_673348192_nDo you SEE that?!? That’s a BEAD! On my weight-loss bracelet! My first of thirteen!

When I started my weight loss journey, just one month ago, I saw the number that represented the difference between what I weigh now and what I want to weigh. It was a larger number than I could swallow. So I decided that I would break it up into 10 pound chunks. 13 is a way more attainable number than 130, right?

I bought myself a nifty black leather bracelet and decided that every ten pounds gone would earn me a bead on my bracelet, so I could SEE right there on my wrist that I’m doing this. It’s doable. Keep going.

As of this morning, I have lost 11.6 pounds in my first month. And I am damn proud of myself.

Motivation Friday – Tall Boots


Let’s all just take a moment to acknowledge the beauty that is this boot.

I have always loved boots. I’m that odd girl who wears long, flow-y, hippy skirts with black combat boots. I have always been that girl, and I likely always will be.

I’m also the girl who YEARNS to wear tall boots with short skirts. I want to slip my foot into this boot and zip it up all the way to the top. And I don’t want to buy a “wide calf” boot. I don’t want my leg to look like a leather ice cream cone. I want it to be a straight line right up my leg with only a bit of knee showing between the top of the boot and the bottom of my skirt. I want so desperately to be THAT girl.

For that reason, I will keep on plan. I will stay focused on the long-range goal.

And on the day I am able to put on these boots and zip them all the way up, you will know. Because there will be way too much happiness for my body to contain.

Salad…Glorious Salad

I work at a college, and when I started Weight Watchers, I decided to take advantage of the cafeteria’s salad bar for lunches.

Best. Idea. Ever.

I was worried that I would get sick of lettuce, but there’s enough variance down there that it keeps things fresh. And everything is healthy enough that I can still have my ranch dressing.

Side note: I hate…HATE…fat free dressings, and I hate diet soda. So I decided early on that I wouldn’t allow either of them into my life. I would just cut back on the amount I consumed.

Back to this salad bar. It’s fabulous! And lunch is always beautiful. Like today’s:

Today’s salad features a hard boiled egg, roasted chicken, zucchini, grape tomatoes and sunflower seeds.


Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Yesterday was quite a day. My car broke down and my husband brought the kids with him to pick me up. What was supposed to be a solitary trip to Goodwill turned into a family affair. Which just about doubled what I would have originally spent.

My father-in-law had surgery also, to put a stint in his neck so he won’t have another stroke. He’s doing well, but he’s in the ICU. We spent the evening visiting him, and the hospital is about 45 minutes away from my home. So we got home late.

And we ate dinner at Taco Bell. Or should I just call it like it is:

taco_bellJust because I have the points available to eat nachos at TB does NOT mean I should. I haven’t had fast food in almost a month. That’s not very long, but it was obviously long enough that my system wanted to reject that crap. I was MISERABLE. Ugh. No more.

This experience has also caused more worry about next week. We are going on a week-long trip to the Niagara Falls region of Canada to see my oldest son graduate. That’s one week away from my routines and the safety of my kitchen. One week of unknowns and chaos and all that FOOD.

I am strong. I can do this. I will have a week-long experiment to pretend I’m a normal person without food issues. I’ll portray the woman in the movie who is confident and has never had a weight problem. I’ll stop eating when I’m full, and I won’t eat unless I’m hungry. I will scoff at the idea of eating junk food. And I will count my points like it’s a lifesaver.