Motivation Friday, Posted on Sunday

I had every intention of posting on Friday evening. I had the whole thing planned. I was going to make a quick dinner and let the kids have some Minecraft time while Mommy blogged.

But then I came home to a power outage that lasted until their bedtime and we wound up going to the local Mexican restaurant to take advantage of THEIR power and ability to cook food. The kids and I had a good time, but the whole fiasco wore me out and I didn’t blog.


However, I now have MORE to blog about! I was going to tell my experience in boot shopping, but now I can add a description of date night, too! So, woo!

My favorite inexpensive shoe store chain finally released their fall collection of boots, and they have an “extended calf” option. I decided that I was going to go check it out after work on Thursday. I tried really hard to not get my hopes up. In the past, even the big calf boots wouldn’t zip up unless the whole back of the boot was made of elastic, and that, in my personal opinion, looks yucky. If you have a pair of these and love them, more power to you! I’m glad! They’re just not my cup of tea.

So, I set out for the shoe store. The kind store clerk got the boots I wanted to look at from the top of the shelf and I muttered, “I just want to try them…they probably won’t work for me.” Pre-self-depreciated mode was activated!

I put my foot in the boot. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that there’s always next year to try again. And… Continue reading “Motivation Friday, Posted on Sunday”

Date Night!

Last night, my husband and I had an opportunity to enjoy a date night! And enjoy it we did. The night began outrageously hot:

Once we got settled at the restaurant, we wound up happily drinking two big glasses of ice water each just so we would feel human again.

Then, we ordered. Sushi! Oh, how I love sushi.

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