Monday Mealtime – What I’ve Been Making

BE FOREWARNED: I started this blog post on Monday, but just realized that I never finished it up. Go me! So…let’s travel back to Monday, that awesome day when I had a day off and I was not sitting at my desk at work. Oh, those were the days…

Today is Labor Day, which means I am home with the kids. I am planning to make brats for dinner, and I really want to finally try a quinoa recipe. I bought the quinoa, and now I’ve overwhelmed myself on Pinterest. While I’m trying to whittle down what to make, check out what I’ve been cooking!

Update: Quinoa is gross. I will never post about it again. Pinky promise.

Lunch on Saturday was a bacon and egg sandwich on wheat bread with a side of Brussells sprouts:


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This Will Probably Be Quite Ramble-filled and Scattered

Today is the last day I have to come in early.

That is such a glorious thing that I’m going to say it one more time.


Brief overview for anyone who hasn’t been following along: I work at the bookstore for a small-ish community college in Iowa. I wear a lot of different hats at work, but for the sake of brevity we’ll just say that I order and design all logo’d merchandise, oversee store operations and marketing and do all of the online stuff. I just survived my 7th fall rush and MAN that was busy.

During the few weeks a year when we’re working 11+ hours per day with no time for a lunch break, my boss orders in food for lunch and when you have five minutes, you shove that food into your face hole and you feel very appreciative. So, needless to say, I didn’t track my food very well during this time. I did try and remain aware of what I was eating, though. I tried my hardest to remain present. Yes, I’m a hippie. Kind of.

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Motivation Friday – ALL THE THINGS IN ONE POST!

I am getting closer and closer to the busiest three weeks of my entire year at work. In the chaos and stress, I hold tight to Weight Watchers, knowing that no matter what, I can control what I put in my face. It’s actually quite comforting. That and the Zoloft works wonders!

I made an amazing meal this week that I have to share. It’s going to be like food porn, so beware. Spinach and cream cheese stuffed chicken breasts with a bit of Panko and Parmesan on top served with spinach couscous and roasted Brussells sprouts.  It was so good that I’m going to show you the whole meal, and then cover each part on its own:


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