Oodles of Zoodles!

A while back, I bought a Veggetti spiralizer. It was about $10 at Walmart, and it looks like this:

I wasn’t sure if I would like using it, so I went with the base model. Spoiler: I’m definitely upgrading!

There are two settings, so I tried both, but I put them in one bowl, so you’re not going to be able to see the difference. Sorry.

Holy shit, they were gorgeous! Zucchini is one of my top five favorite foods. At one point in my life, I was eating at least one zucchini per day. It’s a very versatile food, and I would definitely marry it if I weren’t so happy with my husband.

Oh! Quick side note about zucchini. If you are growing zucchini in your garden, please don’t let it get to be too large. 

If you have to give it its own seatbelt, it’s useless. The natural zucchini flavor is diluted. The seeds are way too big. The flesh on the inside just tastes squishy. The perfect size is what you’d want to use for a zucchini boat. I actually like them even smaller than that, but they would be pointless as Zoodles.

Back on point!

Next, I cut up some beautiful white mushrooms and organic snow peas.

The sauce was made with a teaspoon of flour mixed with a blop of Hoisin sauce, a few shakes of soy sauce and a gurgle of chicken stock.

Everything was prepped, so it was time to get cookin’! I heated the pan for my shrimp (large and raw since I knew it would be cooking a bit longer with the veg).

Take the shrimp out when it’s just done. Add in the peas and shrooms. Cook for a few minutes. Add in the sauce and let it thicken. Add in the Zoodles and put the shrimp back in. Let it cook for about one more minute. It goes fast!

Up in the top right of that picture, you’ll see what appears to be a spiral noodle. It is not! It’s the inside of the zucchini after it’s been spiralized. So bam!

I grabbed my chopsticks and dug in. I got three meals out of this puppy.  Delish!

In other news, I’m going on about a week of doing yoga once a day. I am loving it! My sister and I are starting a 30 day yoga challenge on Monday, so more on that in another post. However, I did get my new monster yoga mat in the mail today. It’s super cushy, so it should help out with my bum knee quite a bit.

I’m about to try it out in a bit, so I’ll write a review.

Namaste! Eat your Zoodles!