I’m Sick Again…Naturally

What’s a better way to see 2015 into the annals of history than to catch the cold that I nursed the rest of my family through already?

This is day three of the crud, and every day it’s been something new. Day one was all about the sore throat. Day two was when nasal congestion set in. Day three added chest congestion and a cough that makes me want to stop breathing for a while. All three days have been accompanied by body aches, so that’s been fun.

I can’t taste anything that I’m eating, so maybe I’ll lose some weight after Christmas Eating Frenzy 2015. Thankfully, I still have some cans of soup from the last time I got a cold like this, so I should be okay.

And tomorrow, I have absolutely nothing planned other than sleeping until I feel better.

I hate being sick. I hate that no one in my family knows what to do when I’m sick. I’m the caregiver. I’m the one who cooks almost all of the meals. So I when I’m sick, the kids still want to eat (not soup!) and they’re stumped as to how to progress with their day when Mommy just can’t get out of bed. I feel bad for them, but really, I feel worse for me. Because I feel worse…

I’m really hoping I’m better soon, because our New Year’s Eve tradition is to eat summer sausage and cheese for dinner, and since it’s the one time of year I eat summer sausage, I’d really like to taste it.

I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday, and here’s wishing for a super fabulous 2016!


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